Ukrainian cuisine!

Rating of the most popular dishes

 The best way to learn the culture and the spirit of the country is to sample all the delights of the national cuisine! As a proverb says: "The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach"! And  the way to understand people and their mentality - through the kitchen! You don’t have to flipping multivolume editions about Ukraine, just taste the most popular national dishes, as you will immediately clear the true mentality of the Ukrainian people! The generosity in which stands not at the last place! 


 What you should try first? In the variety of dishes Ukrainian cuisine will not give up the positions to the restaurant monopolists - Japanese, French and even Italian cuisine. The range scares you, and your eyes are dazzled by the choice? Do not worry, we will advise you the Top-5 of the most famous dishes of Ukraine! Well, well, let's start!


1. The first position unanimously occupies Ukrainian Borsht! Borscht - is not just a soup, this dish is a legend! Historians believe that the Ukrainians have been eating it already during more than 1,000 years. In ancient times in the composition of borscht were included fresh or pickled beets, cabbage, also a useful herb «borshchivnyk» from the name of which became the name "Borscht". For many centuries of its existence, this dish was significantly transformed, but in the composition of modern borscht you can still find the red beet and cabbage. Beginning from the ХII century in borscht appeared carrot, which came to Ukraine from the Mediterranean countries. Potatoes which are originally from the North America joined the list of ingredients in the ХIХ century, and tomatoes - only in the ХХ century. Borscht can be found also on the tables of other Slavic peoples, but only in Ukraine, you will meat dozens of recipes and types of this dish in all regions of the country. Red borscht with meat, green borscht with sorrel, borscht with beans and mushrooms, cold summer borscht, and many other species you can try only traveling around the Ukraine. You already won’t find the herb «borshchivnyk» in the recipe of modern borscht, and contemporary Ukrainians do not know how it looks. The main thing that you can still enjoy a portion of this nourishing dish for dinner!


2. Second! And for the second we have - varenyky! One of the specific national Ukrainian dishes. The small, triangular or rounded like crescent products made ​​from wheat dough with various kinds of fillings. Varenyky satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gourmets, as a stuffing in them can be almost any product - meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, berries, cheese and others. First varenyky were mentioned in the documents of the XVI century. By the way of preparation Ukrainian varenyky are similar to Italian ravioli, Russian and Chinese dumplings, but they differ significantly by their own ingredients and size. Varenyky may be served like a main course, but also like a dessert, in any case you should eat them with the sour cream!


3. Deruny, tertyuhi, kremzliki, kiyzliki, tarchaniki! All these funny names are given to the same dish - potato pancakes! Traditionally, the deruny don’t have the filling, but sometimes in the midst of these delicious things can be found cheese, roasted mushrooms or meat. In the territory of Ukraine, this dish has appeared relatively recently, with the spread of the potato, just 150 years ago. Having gained popularity in the north of country, where the soil is more favorable for the potatoes, the recipes of deruny spread throughout the Ukraine. Now they can be found on the table of almost every Ukrainian lady.


4. Salo! "There is no Ukrainian, who does not eat salo!" The unconditional symbol of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, the subject of numerous jokes and anecdotes! The pig’s fat or salo has acquired quite cult status in the Ukrainian culture. In contradistinction to the other nations who use in food mostly liquid fat, Ukrainians consume it in large chunks, often with bread, garlic and pickled vegetables. Love to salo also explains the history of Ukraine. In the times of feudalism, Tatar raids and landlords simple Ukrainian farmers often had to pay a great tribute. Of the meat products people have often had just salo, which gave them the energy to continue working on the ground. Modern Ukrainians do not eat as much salo as some centuries ago, but it can still be found as an ingredient in many national dishes as greaves, or simply as a snack for vodka.


5. The top five national dishes originally from Ukraine close - "mlyntsi" or Ukrainian pancakes! Extremely tasty dish which is prepared of dough on a hot skillet in hot fat. Serve with numerous snacks or toppings. This is the traditional dish of the Ukrainian cuisine well known since pre-Christian times. In Ukraine, "mlyntsi" may be thick and thin, large and small, sweet and savory, for every taste!


Do not lose the opportunity to experience one of the best displays of Ukrainian culture!

Come to Kiev and we will tell you where are the best places to enjoy our wonderful cuisine.

Создан 25 мар 2014

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